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The Carbon Fiber Fabrics product lineup

The Carbon Fiber Fabrics product lineup

Sky Advanced primarily focuses on the manufacturing of multiaxial carbon fiber fabrics.

Moreover, this straight layup material, also known as non-crimp fabric, offers exceptional versatility in terms of both use cases and manufacturing processes.

Additionally, it possesses remarkable load-bearing capacities. Notably, multiaxial carbon fiber fabrics outperform woven preforms in specific applications, showcasing superior flex fatigue.

Unlike conventional materials, knitted structures can be tailored for load bearing in specific directions.

As a result, boat builders, construction engineering companies, wind turbine builders, and numerous others opt for the usage of such materials.

Furthermore, the versatility of multiaxial fabrics extends to their varying weight (g/m2) and the ability to reinforce their properties through structure and material composition modifications. Although we offer popular and sought-after products, we understand that each company has its unique needs and requirements. Therefore, if you require different materials, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team can assist you in determining the most suitable type of carbon fabric for your project."

Main construction types

Unidirectioinal Carbon Fiber Fabrics Products


Single layer, 0°

Biaxial Carbon Fiber Fabrics Products


Two layers, +/- 45°


Two layers, 0°/90°

Triaxial Carbon Fiber Fabrics Products


Three layers, 0°/+ 45°/- 45°

Quadriaxial Carbon Fiber Fabrics Products


Four layers, - 45°/90°/+ 45°/0°

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